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Data points

No automation and 3rd party tools are used for building the list. All data points are collected by visitng public websites, Linkedin profiles and other official resources.

Email addresses

All email addresses are curated by hand without using any tools. All emails were validated by Rapportive and Clearbit Connect.

Who can use it

The list is perfect for Sales Development Reps, Account Executives, Sales Leaders, Marketing Managers and startup Founders.

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Incorporate the list into your current workflow - import data into your CRM, sales or email automation tool, find your common connections on Linkedin or use it for account-based marketing campaigns.

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unique companies and people are already added to the list


we guarantee 5% or lower bounce rate.


sending 6000 emails can give you 185-360 warm leads

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We constantly update and add new contacts to the list. You will receive an updated version of the list at no additional charge.

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Interesting Facts about the List

We've already spent 7000 minutes on building this list

We click a mouse at least 50 times to fill one profile.

During this time, SF has earned $64 mln. in revenue

The same time has passed in Tolkien's Middle-earth

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