B2B and SaaS Companies Lists

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List of SaaS companies

18000 SaaS Companies List

LeadWave's flagship list of 18000 fast-growing SaaS companies.

List of SaaS companies from USA

9000 USA SaaS Companies

Get in touch with 9000 SaaS companies from the US.

List of angel investors and SaaS VCs with emails

1000 VCs and Investors

A hand-researched list of 1000+ angels and venture capitalists.


5700 Europe SaaS Companies

Get in touch with 5700 SaaS companies from Europe.

UK SaaS Companies List

1500 UK SaaS Companies

Get in touch with 1500 SaaS companies from the UK.

List of SaaS companies from Canada

640 Canada SaaS Companies

Get in touch with 640 SaaS companies from Canada.

List of 200+ SaaS and tech job boards

210+ SaaS and Tech Job Boards

A hand-researched list of 210+ SaaS and tech joab boards.

List of y combinator companies

2000+ Y Combinator Companies

A manually researched list of 2000+ Y combinator companies.

List of Blockchain and Crypto companies in one place

1000 Blockchain Companies

A list of over 1000+ blockchain and crypto companies.

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