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LeadWave is eager to provide you with accurate and manually-curated lists of the top VCs, crypto, and SaaS companies you might consider cooperating with

List of SaaS companies

18000 SaaS Companies List

LeadWave's flagship list of 18000 fast-growing SaaS companies.

List of SaaS companies from USA

9000 USA SaaS Companies List

List of SaaS Companies in USA. Get in touch with 9000 SaaS CEOs.

List of angel investors and SaaS VCs with emails

1000 SaaS VCs and Investors

A hand-researched list of 1000+ SaaS investors and VCs.


5700 Europe SaaS Companies

Get in touch with 5700 European SaaS companies.

UK SaaS Companies List

1500 UK SaaS Companies

Get in touch with 1500 SaaS companies from the UK.

List of Blockchain and Crypto companies in one place

1000 Blockchain Companies

Go through a detailed list of blockchain and crypto companies

Why us and what you get

Why LeadWave

LeadWave is the easiest and fastest way to get in touch with all types of SaaS companies.

100% Data Accuracy

Our Data Research are focused on providing the most accurate information as possible.

95% Email Accuracy

Not perfect yet, but we are trying. If any record is wrong, we’ll replace it with a new one.

Custom Data Requests

Do you need additional data fields to any of our lists of Crypto, SaaS VCs and SaaS Companies Lists?

More Time

Our goals is clear – we want to help you focus on the important things, not list of SaaS companies.

Fresh Updates

We constantly update our lists. You will receive an updated version of the list at no additional charge.

What People Say

LeadWave has been a great parter in our marketing and lead gen efforts. The speed at which we are able to go from idea to experimentation has gone up with the accurate and reliable team supporting us at LeadWave.
Ras Gill-Boulos
CMO at Pulse Q&A
The team at LeadWave has been in awesome in sourcing new leads from the web for us. They've saved us countless hours and consistently delivered new leads with accurate information to our team.
Geoff Roberts
Co-founder at Outseta
LeadWave made it simple for us to get in contact with a very niche market.
The quality and speed of their work means we can rely on them, even when up against tough deadlines and sensitive contexts.
Matt Boulos
Founder at Course Match

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