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Fill your sales pipeline with qualified prospects

Targeted B2B Lead Generation Services At Scale​

Find me 100 CEOs in San Francisco, USA within a SaaS Companies with at least 100 people in the entire company.

Find me 500 Startup Founders and Co-founders in USA in the Tech industry, have 10-100 employees, and use Hubspot as their CRM. Also check whether they hire SDRs and save this as a custom field.

Find me 100 CMOs and VPs of Marketing in USA with at least 10 employees, use Shopify or Bigcommerce, and belong to the Fashion and Apparel vertical.

Our Process


Decision Makers

Company Size


Step 1. Targeting

You specify what target groups you want to prospect and reach out.

Step 2. Lead Prospecting

Based on your Ideal Customer Profile, we will build a custom database of high potential customers.

Name, Title


Email Address


Pricing and Plans


Great fit for startups and individual users.

$25 / per 100 B2B Leads


Great fit for fast-growing companies.

$50 / per 100 B2B Leads


Perfect fit for fast-growing companies and market leaders.

$100 / per 100 B2B Leads


Most frequent questions and answers

We provide up to 14 Basic Fields. Here is the list of all basic fields included for all pricing plans:

  1. Full Name
  2. First Name
  3. Last Name
  4. Contact’s Email Address
  5. Job Title (Linkedin)
  6. Contact’s Linkedin Profile
  7. Contact’s City, State and Country
  8. Company Name
  9. Company Website
  10. Company Size (Number of employees)
  11. Company Size (Range)
  12. Company Linkedin Profile

We work with all types of industry. With that said, we’re best at working with software and B2B SaaS, Tech and E-commerce companies with a small sales team. That way we can ramp up your lead generation process and you can focus on finding qualified leads. 

We will another email or lead if the email is incorrect. We also guarantee 5% or lower bounce rate.

LeadWave lists come in .csv format.

Yes, we can send you a sample of a list to check all data points we provide you with.

We’d love to answer your questions.
Please email us at sales@getleadwave.io.

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