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Today, as the number of IT companies grows, as small teams are becoming more and more common, the variety of tools and services to help businesses along the road is growing at an exponential rate.

The good news is, many ingenious tools can drastically improve productivity, handle menial tasks with incredible speed, and ensure your company isn’t missing out on the smallest opportunity to win and retain new customers. The bad news – you win in this efficiency battle only if you can find your way in the ocean of options and choose the tools that will do the job without exhausting your budget.

Below, you will find our suggestions on great B2B lead generation and sales tools.

1) LeadWave

Let us introduce ourselves and place our tool at the top of this list. So, LeadWave helps B2B companies, mostly startups, gain new leads. If you cannot afford to wait a few months before your inbound activities start driving potential customers, or want to be more proactive, LeadWave is the answer.

It is an affordable tool providing tailored lead lists based on the specific parameters – industry, location, company size, decision makers. You receive a database with contact details, including a verified email address, job title, location, company, its size, and other custom fields upon request.

With this info at hand, you can either reach out directly to the contacts on your list or use it to get in front of their eyes using, for example, LinkedIn or Facebook target advertising.

There is also an option of data enrichment for existing contact databases which saves your sales reps’ time for finding additional info on their prospects.

LeadWave offers a free sample list built according to your requirements. Prices start at $0,25 per lead (no custom fields included).

2) LinkedIn Sales Navigator

We cannot but mention this tool, formerly known as Rapportive, which is featured in numerous ratings of lead generation tools. Being a LinkedIn product, it leverages the power of this #1 platform for professionals. LinkedIn Sales Navigator lets you conduct a sophisticated search to match the target audience criteria, shows you tailored leads suggestions, allows easily saving their info right into your CRM and informs who’s seen your profile over the last 90 days. It is available as a web app or Chrome extension.

There is a 1 month free trial period, and the prices start at $65.

3) LeadFeeder

This B2B platform lets you generate new leads by showing which companies are visiting your website and what pages specifically. All the data is received from Google Analytics, so you need nothing else to start using LeadFeeder.

It is the way to avoid missing out on the potential leads who left your website without sharing their contact info. By following up the notifications in the app, your sales agents can win a new customer before they address a competitor.

There’s a 14-day free trial, prices start at $59/month.

4) OutreachPlus

OutreachPlus is an email automation tool that can be used both for cold outreach and communication with existing customers. It lets you take advantage of personalization by segmenting customers and ensure high deliverability even when reaching out to “cold contacts”. The emails can be sent from your email client, looking just like regular ones, and personalized with specific contact info, which improves CTR and response rate.

OutreachPlus also helps manage responses and define the best prospects based on the previous campaigns.

5) Leadpages

Each business knows how important landing pages are for lead generation – and how a poorly designed landing page can make visitors leave your website without taking any action.

To prevent a situation like this, Leadpages, “more than a landing page builder” helps create and test all types of landing pages. A variety of templates, design elements and built-in analytics are the reasons for its popularity.

Leadpages offers a 14-day trial period and paid plans starting from $25/month (paid annually).

6) LeadFormly

Form is one of the most crucial elements of a landing page, so an impeccable form builder is right what you need to increase conversions. LeadFormly provides numerous options to choose from and make your offer irresistible – fonts, colours, buttons, question styles etc. The built-in analytics will show exactly what is worth implementing and what should be disposed of.  It is compatible with 600+ CRM software, landing page builders, and other lead gen tools.

7) Intercom

Whether you’re an “early-stage startup”, as they put it, or an enterprise-level company, Intercom is a go-to tool when it comes to capturing leads, engaging your website visitors, providing support and helping with onboarding. It can be used to start a chat with a visitor browsing your website (a chatbot on your end can collect information if an agent is away from the computer), gather contextual feedback, segment your visitors based on their behaviour on your site and so much more.

There is a 14-day trial period and the prices start at $49/month (up to 1 year, for eligible startups).

Those are just a few picks among a multitude of options, but they are definitely worth of your attention. What are the lead gen tools you find totally indispensable? Do share your insights in the comments below!

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